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POS Software – Not just 6

Retail stores thrive on the the point-of-sale system. If your POS isn’t delivering more sales, there are many reasons to it. You should explore one or more of the following few options. Relax POS gives an instant connect between you and customer. Segment based pricing (Price level) will always engage you with the customer at [...]

Retail health – Business

Retail Health Retail stores or retail chains are profit centers. You must need to know the current health of the business in order to turn a profit. As a retailer you might be  having overhead expenses like payroll, payments to be made and much more and also should think about the retail health. To manage the operations [...]

Engage with your customer

The best POS software will always make you to engage with your customer to bring in more sales to you. There are many ways by which customer engagement can be initiated. By using a good and best POS software provides and gives you the power to handle all the data intelligently. As you know that RelaxPOS the best POS software [...]

Retail POS software – Get refreshed

Retail POS software should cater the needs of retailers who have very huge expectations; they need a sophisticated product, value for money, efficient while billing, robust while stock taking, giving a good insights while reporting and much much more. If the retail pos software is capable of handling all these things, it will be easy to manage the retailer’s [...]

Dlite – Mobile POS Software for Restaurants

Mobile POS software have become huge in the past few years and even will growing more in the future. The hospitality sector is quickly catching up and thinking that Mobile POS software is a good investment to improve the workflow in the restaurant, boost customer satisfaction and also to increase the revenue. The reason being the stewards are being [...]

POS Software – Boon or Bane

It is an evident truth that the POS Software does bring in lot of value to the retailers. On the other hand you can say it’s a boon to every retailers. Also, there is a case where the POS Software becomes bane when enough care is not taken care while selecting the retail POS Software. No doubt, POS Software [...]