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Happy independence Day

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Mobile POS software that increases the revenue

POS applications are available in abundance in market but not been supported well enough by the surround systems like Mobile POS  software that can increase the revenue of the retailers. There are many factors which needs to be thought through before buying a retail POS application. The POS application should not only work as a billing software but also [...]

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Evolving POS Application

POS application is an evolving process. One can never say they have the perfect solution which can fit all retailers. On the other hand, RELAX POS application fits the need of most of the customer in its standard format and it’s not something amazing or astounding. The reason being it was developed by expert retailers and skillful and passionate technical [...]

iSearch – Dont make customers wait

iSearch, an innovative search mechanism from BPartner solutions to completely reduce the wait time of the customers in the billing section/counter. Many retail pos software vendors do not think about making the application user friendly rather making things complex for the end users. Relax POS one of a kind application which is crafted in a way the retailers want to [...]

BPartner Solutions – Highest quality retail software

BPartner Solution relax pos, software that provides fully automated highest quality retail software products that exceed our customers' expectations. We will strive to keep this intact with the vision by our commitment and dedication to continuous improvement of all we do in responding to the needs of our customers. Thanks to you our valued customers and greatly appreciate the trust [...]

Make in INDIA – Relax POS

One of the flourishing, successful and dynamically changing industry is none other than retail. From 0 to N everything becoming part of retail division with respect to any product that we name. It really spanned into everyone’s daily life need and also extending its twigs across globe. Make in India - Relax POS Not just expanding, the [...]