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It’s not enough if you make money, it’s also important that you must save them. Relax POS the pos software allows you to make profit and helps you to save your money. In other words, a best POS software will stop your money drain.

A point-of-sale (POS) system is now an essential component of optimizing retail operations rather than an optional extra. Why? Because a POS system may boost employee efficiency, make payments simpler, streamline inventory control, improve the client experience, increase profit and boost revenues.

Relax POS helps you to cut the cost, increase profit, boost the revenue and save your hard earned money. How ?

  1. Super Fast and Non stop Billing with less data entry
  2. Faultless and Perfect inventory management
  3. Engage with the customer / Customer Satisfaction

Super Fast and Non stop Billing with less data entry

The Billing operator need not have to worry if he is really connected to server or not. During peak hours in the middle of billing if there is a network outage there will be chaos all over. During such time, the billing operator need not have to worry about billing at all, all he needs to do is just continue billing with NO intervention from unwanted popups and messages.

Yes,  UBS[Uninterrupted Billing Service] one of the important feature from Relax POS application is developed with complete thought of having the billing operator in mind.

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Faultless and Perfect inventory management

A retail business of whatever sizes it may be, but MUST be aware of its products and its availability at any point of time. The availability depends on various reasons like popularity, season and should have clear plan on maintaining the stock.  The POS application plays a major role in the area of buying decisions. The pos solution should help the retailers to plan a profitable decision. It should also help the retailers to minimize the expense and maximize the profit. The understanding can come only with the help of good POS application.

Customer Satisfaction & Engagement

There are many ways by which customer engagement can be initiated. By using a good and best POS software provides and gives you the power to handle all the data intelligently.

As you know that RelaxPOS the best POS software has the features that you as a retailer looking for and also completely integrated with other accessories that are necessary to be part of the Point of sale solution. The following features will help you to engage with your customer and bring complete satisfaction to him. They are, Discounts and offer rules, easy Search, Integrated accessories, Customer Segmentation, Mobile integration,

Relax POS software is a simple to use point of sale application which  can potentially empower to engage your staff with the customers so that everyone gets benefited.

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BPartner Solutions, RELAX POS  Retail POS software does that in a stylish way. It not only caters one retailers needs but also give lots of insights about their business and helps the customer to run the business and also increase the customer inflow in a successful way, which leads to maximize the profit.

BPartner solutions, RELAX POS supports lots of verticals like Super market, Hyper Market, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Electronics stores, Mobile stores, Fine dine restaurants to name a few

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