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October 2018

Engage with your customer

The best POS software will always make you to engage with your customer to bring in more sales to you. There are many ways by which customer engagement can be initiated. By using a good and best POS software provides and gives you the power to handle all the data intelligently. As you know [...]

September 2018

Retail POS software – Get refreshed

Retail POS software should cater the needs of retailers who have very huge expectations; they need a sophisticated product, value for money, efficient while billing, robust while stock taking, giving a good insights while reporting and much much more. If the retail pos software is capable of handling all these things, it will be [...]

August 2018

Dlite – Mobile POS Software for Restaurants

Mobile POS software have become huge in the past few years and even will growing more in the future. The hospitality sector is quickly catching up and thinking that Mobile POS software is a good investment to improve the workflow in the restaurant, boost customer satisfaction and also to increase the revenue. The reason [...]

POS Software – Boon or Bane

It is an evident truth that the POS Software does bring in lot of value to the retailers. On the other hand you can say it’s a boon to every retailers. Also, there is a case where the POS Software becomes bane when enough care is not taken care while selecting the retail POS [...]

Mobile POS software that increases the revenue

POS applications are available in abundance in market but not been supported well enough by the surround systems like Mobile POS  software that can increase the revenue of the retailers. There are many factors which needs to be thought through before buying a retail POS application. The POS application should not only work as [...]

July 2018

Evolving POS Application

POS application is an evolving process. One can never say they have the perfect solution which can fit all retailers. On the other hand, RELAX POS application fits the need of most of the customer in its standard format and it’s not something amazing or astounding. The reason being it was developed by expert retailers [...]

  • iSearch - Bpartner Solutions

iSearch – Dont make customers wait

iSearch, an innovative search mechanism from BPartner solutions to completely reduce the wait time of the customers in the billing section/counter. Many retail pos software vendors do not think about making the application user friendly rather making things complex for the end users. Relax POS one of a kind application which is crafted in a [...]

BPartner Solutions – Highest quality retail software

BPartner Solution relax pos, software that provides fully automated highest quality retail software products that exceed our customers' expectations. We will strive to keep this intact with the vision by our commitment and dedication to continuous improvement of all we do in responding to the needs of our customers. Thanks to you our valued customers [...]

  • RELAX POS - Make in india

Make in INDIA – Relax POS

One of the flourishing, successful and dynamically changing industry is none other than retail. From 0 to N everything becoming part of retail division with respect to any product that we name. It really spanned into everyone’s daily life need and also extending its twigs across globe. Make in India - Relax POS [...]

December 2017

June 2017

Relax POS – g s t Prepared

We are not ready.Yes, we are GST Prepared! we are sure many questions would have come into your mind on how can BPartner Solutions is 100% prepared for GST dive. Here is how it is. Starting from Sale, purchase, inventory Relas POS diligently tracks each and every transaction from day one and there was not [...]

January 2017

November 2016

BLive Upgraded

BLive Upgraded The Simple, Best, Secured and effective Mobile apps for Retailers! . . . . “BLive – Business live” android APP is the part of Mobilitics Suite which focus on the three main aspects of Mobile Analytics Viz. “A” , “B” and “C”. Always Connected Being Empowered Creatively Proactive! [embedyt][/embedyt]

October 2016

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