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One place for all your GST billing needs – India’s most comprehensive billing software

Have ready to use GST invoice templates

Prepare the perfect invoices for your customers with ready-made GST templates. Its always better to have the report available in the GST compatible format without exporting to other application and process manually.

Control your financial data

It will be much easier to keep track of all your invoices and your payments when you have a perfect GST enabled software .Filing reports also gets much easier with an integrated system and will save you and your accountant time and money.

No more errors!

Using the most fastest and sleek billing application, one can avoid any errors by applying any kind of GST manipulations for every invoice. Choosing Relax POS, a GST compatible saves you more money than doing all the work manually.

Get paid faster!

Don’t have to worry about the payments or invoiced reports. Relax POS Keep track of payments with specialized reports. You can always track your customers’ payment at any point of time which helps you to get your money on time.


Simple solution for complete business
“BPartner Solutions” pioneer in retail product development is completely solution focused with the mantra in mind “Always Be Solution Centric”. “BPartner Solutions” laid its foundation with a passion for giving solutions to the customers especially in the retail domain.