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Relax POS

Any time - Any Date

The completely customized reporting solution is the highlight of Relax POS. The retailer can leverage the POS reporting service to get Historical, Periodical & current reports at an astonishing speed.

Super Fast Installation

Relax POS comes with a simple, easiest and fastest installer. Add-ons and patches will be automatically downloaded from the internet in background and gets installed with no interruption.

Smart Client

Relax POS's Smart client works very similar to the way it works when it is online. You need not have to worry about data sync or inventory problems when you run your application offline. Smart client works smarter to get you the near-real time data even when offline.

All in one roof

Retailers manage an immense amount of data between their customers, products, stores, sales, marketing, and supply chain. RelaxPOS gets everything under one roof and make the life of retailers easy and productive.

Measure your success

In a rapid growing retail environment having the right metrics is essential for staying competitive. Retailers are likely to miss key facts about their business if metrics are not measured properly will lose out important opportunities. Relax POS, helps the retailers to measure their success with a simple yet powerful to use POS System.

Smartly Secured

A role based smart security system gives complete control of the operations in your business Application. Relax POS comes with pre-defined roles mapped when installed, which is completely customizable.