We are impressed with their unique barcode system apart from their other specialized features which help us to prevent a loss while billing.

We suggest all supermarket entrepreneur to feel the difference by comparing such features with their existing ERP application.

We keep expecting further development from Bpartner for entrepreneur in order to secure our profit and efficiency in the business. .

Inthiya Super Market, INTHIYA SUPER MARKET


The software that requires NO Support at all! Solution built for business advantage with innovation and cutting edge technologies!

I am sure that no one has to think of any other solutions, if RELAX POS is implemented. In simple words its DOT for other software!

Great Job! Keep it up!

Mr. Ponraj, Sri Venkateshwara Super Market

BPartner’s RetailPos Software is a trouble free application for your business with an excellent backup support by strong retail experts Mr. Solomon Antony Raj and Mr. Ganesh Moorthi
A flawless software…Using BPartner’s Retail Pos application for my 2 SuperMarket with Chain solutions without taking a support in any format for more than 8 to 9 months…
An 200% reliable application for retail business…..
Thanks Mr.Solomon Sir for this wonderful and excellent business driven application…

PKG Supermarket


I do not have to worry about the data at all aymore. Its captured perfectly and there is no discrepancy across the reports.

The accounts data is perfectly matching and we are extremely happy with the performance and with the stability of the software from BPartner Solutions Relax POS.

All the best! Wish you see you grow more and more!

Mr. Ibrahim, Ferina Super Market