Supermarket Features

Supermarket Retail POS software for Provisions, Departmental Stores, Meat & Fish stores, Rice and Oil Stores to handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, Expiry and wastage.

Relax POS software is a simple to use point of sale application which can potentially empower to engage your staff with the customers so that everyone gets benefited.

BPartner Solutions, RELAX POS software does that in a stylish way. It not only caters one retailers needs but also give lots of insights about their business, helps the customer to run the business, increase the customer inflow and also engage you with the customer in a successful way, which leads to profit maximization.

BPartner solutions, RELAX POS supports lots of verticals like Super market, Hyper Market, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Electronics stores, Mobile stores, Fine dine restaurants.