BPartner Solutions Relax POS, pos software for retail and an simple to use inventory management software is a driving force for efficiency, growing revenue and building customer loyalty in the retail business.

From age old traditional checkout to targeted promotions, our point of sale application provide the right mix for your retail operation. Relax POS an innovative and simple retail business inventory system will have a positive impact on the end customer satisfaction.

Relax POS is a ready to use pos software for retail supports vertical like super market, hyper mart, provision stores and department stores and other retail segments.

Relax POS increases staff efficiency as it requires very minimal human efforts and streamline the business process so that you can focus on growth and expansion. It enables you to focus on new opportunities, customer satisfaction and reduces your involvement in complex routine tasks.

Relax POS, a super fast in implementation and very easy to learn and simply smooth in operation. Most of our customers have increased their profit and maximized control over their business in short span of time.


Leverage the supreme reporting services


The completely customized reporting solution is the highlight of Relax POS. The retailer can leverage the POS reporting service to get Historical, Periodical & current reports at an astonishing speed.


Dont spend too much time installing the application


Relax POS comes with a simple, easiest and fastest installer. Add-ons and patches will be automatically downloaded from the internet in background and gets installed with no interruption.


Why do you worry about your data, when you all the clients are as smart as the server


Relax POS’s Smart client works very similar to the way it works when it is online. You need not have to worry about data sync or inventory problems when you run your application offline. Smart client works smarter to get you the near-real time data even when offline.
Super Market
Fruits and Vegetables
Sports Shop


Get everything under one application!


Retailers manage an immense amount of data between their customers, products, stores, sales, marketing, and supply chain. RelaxPOS gets everything under one roof and make the life of retailers easy and productive.


Easily measure your success and enjoy the benefits!


In a rapid growing retail environment having the right metrics is essential for staying competitive. Retailers are likely to miss key facts about their business if metrics are not measured properly will lose out important opportunities. Relax POS, helps the retailers to measure their success with a simple yet powerful to use POS System.


Why worry when you have your system completely secured!


A role based smart security system gives complete control of the operations in your business Application. Relax POS comes with pre-defined roles mapped when installed, which is completely customizable.
Liquor Store
Mobile Apps

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Lightning fast billing operation for easy and faster checkout
  • Sell items based on weight or based on the quantity
  • Accurate calculations on Makup and Mark Down
  • Customer Loyalty calculation
  • Unlimited hold bill to hold bill and retrieve the same in any counter
  • Complete customer Loyalty Tracking
  • Promotional Pricing management
  • Faster and intelligent search on customer details like mobile, Name, Phone and ID
  • Simple methods to give free products / discounts
  • Loyalty program management, with redemption, carry over and exchange of goods
  • Re-order based on last “N” days sales, order based on Min.stock, Max.stock
  • Payment Modes : Cash, Credit, Coupon, Loyalty redemption and logically unlimited ways
  • In detail cheque, cash and counter management with related reports
  • Stock adjustment after verification of actual with temporary / permanent update
  • Ultra powerful MIS Reports on sales, stock and Profit margin

Why Choose Us

Gone are the days where technology companies create software to showcase their technical brilliance and personal talents. We are living in the age of unbelievable customer power and for that we need to work for the customers and present them with the solution what they value.

“BPartner Solutions“ laid its foundation with a passion for giving solutions to the customers especially in the retail domain.

What Client’s Say

I am very happy to share this happy feeling with you.

You made the software which works like what is in my mind. Everybody appreciated as such I have done all these things. Credit should go to BPartner Solutions only. Once again I thank you for the good software sorry THE BEST SOFTWARE I ever come across ( I have used more than 6 softwares).

Mr. Sridhar, Mahayogam
We are impressed with their unique barcode system apart from their other specialized features which help us to prevent a loss while billing. We suggest all supermarket entrepreneur to feel the difference by comparing such features with their existing ERP application. We keep expecting further development from Bpartner for entrepreneur in order to secure our profit and efficiency in the business. .
Inthiya Super Market, INTHIYA SUPER MARKET
The software that requires NO Support at all!

Solution built for business advantage with innovation and cutting edge technologies!

I am sure that no one has to think of any other solutions, if RELAX POS is implemented. In simple words its DOT for other software! Great Job! Keep it up!

BPartner’s RetailPos Software is a trouble free application for your business with an excellent backup support by strong retail experts Mr. Solomon Antony Raj and Mr. Ganesh Moorthi

A flawless software…Using BPartner’s Retail Pos application for my 2 SuperMarket with Chain solutions without taking a support in any format for more than 8 to 9 months….

An 200% reliable application for retail business…..

Thanks Mr.Solomon Sir for this wonderful and excellent business driven application…