Relax POS is designed to provide comprehensive POS and back office management solutions for home delivery.

Relax POS is designed to provide comprehensive POS and back office management solutions for home delivery.

  • Relax POS provides you an integrated ordering and payment, inventory management and control and robust back office management
  • POS software solution helps you focus on your bottom line by increasing revenue and cutting down operation costs.
  • Relax POS puts you to make use of the resources for best of use as the hours of employees and sale made are kept on track.
  • Make the operator to use better process sales efficiently using customized Home delivery module.
You should have the complete control on the exact quantities required for ready-to-sell baked goods, Pre-prepared dough, and fillers, as well as raw ingredients in stock. With the excellent and blemishless recipe management, you can completely have control over the ingredients you have used to complete a saleable product.
You should never lose track of your recipe cost variations, newly update prices and negotiate with suppliers in good time to keep your bakery profitable. Relax POS have the ability to view your product information / history with a click of a button.
Relax POS is scaling high with the integration of weighing Scale. It is a very clear un-written rule that any product that is sold interms of weight must be sold in metric quantities (gms or kgs) and the price must be in kg.

It is very important that when a customer is buying fruits and vegetables they must know how much they are buying, Assuming that the prices are fixed per kg and that is how we are grown up all these days.

Integrating weighing scale will help the consumers avoid lines at the cash register by speeding up the payment process. As a result of these faster, automated processes, weighing could be relocated to the fruit and vegetable department and can be handled separately.

Manage your bakery business with powerful POS software and deliver party & bulk orders on time.

With Relax POs billing software advance booking & bulk booking can be done. Whizhop Bakery POS enhances the advance booking by tracking the delivery till it reaches the customer.

    • Allows you to set remainders for the delivery date and time so that order is not missed out to customer.
    • Booking management is an added feature in this bakery billing software to order bulk items for parties and functions
Mobile marketing via SMS is one of the most widely used communication choice in retail for staying touch with your customers. It is because of the same reason why this channel is so successful in promoting events at outlets, shopping malls, small or big stores

An alerting system is the best known method used in marketing for the local customers to attract them to come in to your with close proximity tracking. This method and idea of marketing in the market for many years and proved successful too.

If you own a shop or store in the real world and you want that to get benefitted from increasing your local foot traffic and revenue, then Easy Reach is the ideal method to boost your sales and bottom line and also have a closer touch with your customers during their anniversaries and birthday.

Easy reach, It is easy to setup and cost of the SMS is much lower than for newsletters or printed materials or advertisements through magazines and other channels with a very high ROI.

BPartner solutions’ comes out with the new Add-on Easy-Reach for the retailers. This is one such solution which will help all the retailers to offer something new to the customers in a quicker, smarter and easier way.

With Shelf life Management feature,you can flawlessly know about the products that are about to expire and the one which has already been expired. The shelf life of the products gets flashed in various screens like sales, sales order, returns and so on. This enables you to estimate the shelf life of your stored items and the plan to prepare fresh ones.This will enable you to

      • Better real-time inventory control, improved yield management & reduced product wastage
      • Products with expiry or best before date, not being sold to customers from your perspective guided by professionals.
      • Excess making of food can be controlled & the stock can be easily monitored for effective business.
It just takes few days or months for you to become a Retailer. All it requires is Time, Money and some amount of retail knowledge. It doesn’t stop there. You should become a Dynamic retailer in order to sustain in the market.

Bpartner solution through its component ”Mobilitics Suite” app for the retailers and the retail market to make sure that all retailers become dynamic in their own business.

“BLive – Business live” android app is the part of Mobilitics Suite which focus on the three main aspects Always connected, Empowered and Proactive.

Let your customers do the order with few clicks.

The latest release from BPartner Solutions is a sophisticated, easy to use Mobile ordering system which can connect to your shop and order at ease. Your customers can install the application which is specially designed for you and have the best of the best experience to do a mobile order.

      • Your customers can order from anywhere
      • Easy product search
      • See last order & Validate
      • Check for new arrivals
      • Offer Pushing mechanism
      • Quick Add products and much much more …..
Products will be stocked before selling a regular scenario in all retail stores. If by any change you come across that has not be inventoried the cashier can easily add the product using SKU/ NAME during the checkout and later the same product can be reconciled.
Selling products in fraction is a common story in bakery. Relax POS having the feature of selling the product by its weight or by units is available and is very easy to configure. Every item you sell an item by weight or by unit is deducted.