A retail business of whatever sizes it may be yours, but you MUST be aware of products and its availability at any point of time. The availability depends on various reasons like popularity, season and should have clear plan on maintaining the stock.

The products are nothing but retail businesses assets and it should not become a liability at any point of time and the best way to track them is to have a good POS solution installed and hand counting will not be helpful at all.

If only you get insight information on fast moving products and non-moving products, they can easily plan to make most out of the situation. Relax POS application helps you to keep track of the products at all situations.

Relax POS Software plays a major role in the area of buying decisions. It will help you to plan a profitable decision. In other words, it minimize the expense and maximize your profit. The understanding can come only with the help of RELAX POS Software.

if you need to get more profit in your business, design combo packs and sketch out different things to sell moderate moving items.

Create combo packs, a combo of a Chips, Sandwiches, choice of drink and dessert and deliver them based on customer preferences

And have, Absolute clarity on combo and special offer details in billing.

The Creation of combo is not just creating, but also split the same when needed.

Serve your customer’s needs & customizations with a wide range of toppings and modifiers, by setting up the modifiers, toppings at the backend in a sophisticated but in an elegant way.

In seconds you will be able to get the order done, access to menu items, modifiers, variants and order type, kitchen notes and send them to kitchen directly.

Most importantly, you will be able to cater to the preference made by the customer in few touch.

In simple words, serve your customer’s needs & customization with a wide extent of fixings and modifiers.

From kitchen know and update the order status and display system for Customer by POS Software and know and update the order status from kitchen with Kitchen and Customer Display systems.

Printing of food menus happen in respective kitchens

Get your KOT and merge / split to bill are made much much simpler. Tracking on pending and cancelled KOT made much easier.

Its not enough if you take orders from multiple counters, Its is also important that you need to track down the orders.

During tracking orders from multiple counters, the pos software provides accurate data and supports faster card validity configuration, card transfer, and more services.

Relax POS Software, does give you lot of flexibility and configuration properties to shape your accessories to gel at ease.

You can keep a track of your stock requirements of multiple outlets and can manage them centrally from one place and provide regular taste and quality to your customer.

  • Manage central/outlet level purchases with centralized purchase mechanism
  • Standardize the stocks in your inventory and plan production based on orders with Centralized Inventory Management
  • Pricing based on the outlet and its location from HO.
  • Easy Integration with Accounts
It just takes few days or months for you to become a Retailer. All it requires is Time, Money and some amount of retail knowledge. It doesn’t stop there. You should become a Dynamic retailer in order to sustain in the market.

Bpartner solution through its component ”Mobilitics Suite” app for the retailers and the retail market to make sure that all retailers become dynamic in their own business.

“BLive – Business live” android app is the part of Mobilitics Suite which focus on the three main aspects Always connected, Empowered and Proactive.