Serve your customer’s needs & customizations with a wide range of toppings and modifiers, by setting up the modifiers, toppings at the backend in a sophisticated but in an elegant way.

In seconds you will be able to get the order done, access to menu items, modifiers, variants and order type, kitchen notes and send them to kitchen directly.

Most importantly, you will be able to cater to the preference made by the customer in few touch.
In simple words, serve your customer’s needs & customization with a wide extent of fixings and modifiers.

Sometimes you need to pack collection of items and make as one product / SKU and sell it in a special price. It is generally created to ensure that you increase the sales and give complimentary products for premium customers based on special offers that you are running. Relax POS has the complete Combo pack and split module to club products and split products on need basis to ease out your operational issues.

  • Creation of your own custom combo pack.
  • Adding of product through Category and option like select all or selected products with same category.
  • Facility to include combo product price with base product price or not.
  • Split the combo pack and sell it as a single SKU.
When it comes to reducing food waste management, your POS software is your best resource.

Relax POS software is completely Integrated with inventory management and recipe management, your POS gives you advanced reports about what to purchase, when to purchase, and how much to buy.

Relax POS software allows you to set re-order levels for each stock item. You can set alerts that remind you to purchase a fresh stock when they reach a particular level. This prevents you from buying extra stock and also saves you the humiliation of running out of certain items on the menu.

Proper inventory management allows you to control stock wastage, as you can keep track of the number of items required to prepare a particular meal, which further helps you in proper food waste management.

Relax POS software has a stylish, erudite, speedy and high-end mobile enabled feature which enables the faster KOT which is an absolute delight for the restaurant owners. Using this application, the waiter/steward can take orders on his phone itself. All he needs to do is send that electronic order to the kitchen where the server computer is located to take a printout of the Kitchen Order Taken.
With your own branded restaurant online food ordering system, your customers can place orders online directly on your website instead of third-party. You don’t have to pay any commission on every order.

  • Set custom minimum food online order values for different delivery location
  • Let your customers order in advance & schedule their deliveries
  • There are no limits to the number of online orders placed on your online food ordering system
  • See what your customers are ordering online, their average order size, revenue generated and their repeat rate.
  • Know from where your customers are coming from and what your top products are, use these insights to make more informed business decisions.
You should have complete control of the door delivery that you are making to your customers. The most important aspect is that you should have complete control of the items that were ordered by the customer either through phone, web or by coming to the shop.

It’s not about the customer satisfaction but also about the effective use of your delivery boys and also should have a tracking mechanism to track the time taken to deliver, cash management.

Relax POS software delivery module takes care of complete delivery mange starting from order till the delivery is made.

It just takes few days or months for you to become a Retailer. All it requires is Time, Money and some amount of retail knowledge. It doesn’t stop there. You should become a Dynamic retailer in order to sustain in the market.

Bpartner solution through its component ”Mobilitics Suite” app for the retailers and the retail market to make sure that all retailers become dynamic in their own business.

“BLive – Business live” android app is the part of Mobilitics Suite which focus on the three main aspects Always connected, Empowered and Proactive.

Bill printing, the most common phrase that one can hear during the POS software purchase or during the POS implementation(s).
Till today, the most important pre-requisite for any POS application is printing. If your POS application supports printing in it means that it crossed half the well. On the other hand, you cannot stop by just crossing half the well and there are more to it.
Knowing that receipt printer is necessary for all pos systems, one should know whether he wants to use a thermal printer, dot-matrix or impact printers or Bluetooth printes. More to it, should also have to consider the automatic paper cutters, speed and resolution.

  • One Printer – Multiple clients – Its not necessary to have multiple printers integrated for each clients in Quick service restaurants, just having one Bluetooth printer will get request from all clients to cater the needs.
  • Customized Printing – Can develop a personal relationship with the customer by showing the loyalty points, offers and schemes make him a loyal customer
  • Trust – With a good bill print will give the retail customers a trust over the retail store
  • Ring-up Sales – A super-fast printing will surely remove the queue in the counter which enables a fast checkout and customers need not have to wait for a long period of time just to get a print.

Relax POS comes with beautifully designed and lightning speed printing module that supports almost most of the printers that are in the market. Apart from these benefits Relax POS comes with other benefits such as Easy billing, Multi language support, order processing and so on. Try out Relax POS reducing the unnecessary cost