Relax POS software application track all inventory in the warehouse, and by category. They produce reports for accounting, collected customer data, and profit versus expenses in each sales department / Event / Bulk Order.

Relax POS Software will improve relations with all the event managers and invoices for each of your customers is tracked, automated, and easily supervised. Everything you need to manage your business is accessible from anywhere in the store.

To maximize profit and organization, you need the best POS software.

Relax POS is scaling high with the integration of weighing Scale. It is a very clear un-written rule that any product that is sold interms of weight must be sold in metric quantities (gms or kgs) and the price must be in kg.

It is very important that when a customer is buying fruits and vegetables they must know how much they are buying, Assuming that the prices are fixed per kg and that is how we are grown up all these days.

Integrating weighing scale will help the consumers avoid lines at the cash register by speeding up the payment process. As a result of these faster, automated processes, weighing could be relocated to the fruit and vegetable department and can be handled separately.

D’Lite from BPartner Solution, a TOUCH based Desktop Restaurant Management Software designed to give restaurants all the gears that is required to tackle and speed up the restaurant service and increase the efficiency of the restaurant operations.

D’Lite comes with complete customizable options and will be ideal for any kind of restaurant type including fine dine restaurants, Fast food Chains, Cafes, Bars, Bistros, QSRs and any kind of restaurant business. As we used to say, our solution is to simply the business not to complicate the same with products. Yes, D’Lite is developed with the following things mind

Connected, Either at home or outside, you must know what is currently happening in the store and should get the instant information at a click of a Button! Yes, this app focuses mainly on easy access to data without compromising on the security. The retailers just have to install the app and start using it by just running the app. No More Login! No more passwords! Mind you there is no compromise in the security at all!

Empowered: To, increase productivity, to understand the current trend and also to take instant decisions, the information will be ready in your hands in a changing environment to reach to the full potential.

Proactive, to take right decision at the right time with the right data is what makes one Dynamic Retailer. With access to critical information the retailer can anticipate the trend, find out the performance matrix and also will have the GENUINE 360 Degrees view of his business.

If you own a shop or store in the real world and you want that to get benefitted from increasing your local foot traffic and revenue, then Easy Reach is the ideal method to boost your sales and bottom line.

Easy reach, It is easy to setup and cost of the SMS is much lower than for newsletters or printed materials or advertisements through magazines and other channels with a very high ROI.

Bpartner solutions’ comes out with the new Add-on Easy-Reach for the retailers. This is one such solution which will help all the retailers to offer something new to the customers in a quicker, smarter and easier way.

By using Easy Reach, the number of failed deliveries is falling constantly, allowing our store to make more savings across the entire delivery management, Sales, Distribution and promotion process. – A Loyal customer

A smart tender screen does give a complete satisfaction to customer ensuring that the customers do not wait near the counter. Moreover Relax POS have the ability to process any kind of transaction like Cash, Card, Credit, Coupons.

This integration must take place at the point of sale. If it hasn’t happened, you are likely to lose your sales.

Relax POS, have the sophisticated yet simple integration with any kind of tender parameters in a short time and being robust