Accounts-integratedIt’s been quite some time since there was a launch of a major module from Bpartner Solutions. we would like to end this year with a happy note by giving a major update for all our customers with 100% accounts integrated solution. Yes, from the next update Relax POS is 100% Accounts integrated solution.

Relax POS now has the ability to complete an invoice, updates the inventory system and also will update the customer history, account receivables and accounts history databases. Though we had it as separated functionality, now its tightly coupled with our Relax POS solution.

All these while, we were having a migration tool to different accounting solutions, now all has been brought under one roof. In simple words, Relax POS now have the ability to handle accounts payable, receivables, Profit & Loss statements, Trial Balance, Balance sheet , traversing through the general ledger and also tightly integrated.


[cryout-button-dark url=”#”]Drill down[/cryout-button-dark] : A quick and easy method to drill down from any ledger to the corresponding invoices or receivables.

[cryout-button-light url=”#”]Real Time[/cryout-button-light] : All line item details will be updated in real time, so that the accounts payables and receivables can be viewed once the transactions are completed.

[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Relaxed Configuration[/cryout-button-color] : Don’t have to worry about making your application synch with other accounting systems.

We do also have the tally bridge which can help the customers who wants to have their own accounting system.

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