The most common thing a retailer would want is to know the current situation of the shop he/she owns. Mainly during the last week or the first week of the month, holiday seasons, festival seasons the owners will be keen to look at the sales trend. The solution provider should help the customers to have these 10 important things in hand at any point of time.

  1. Real time availability of current Sales trend
  2. %Comparison of Regular customers and Walk-in Customer
  3. Exact Tender distribution details
  4. Weekly Sales Chart
  5. Bill Count Trend
  6. View other shop (Owned) Transaction Details
  7. Analytics in comparison with last year ( Till date )
    1. Current Day sales
    2. Current Week Sales
    3. Current Month Sales
    4. Current Year Sales
  8. Hourly Sales Trend
  9. Sales to Stock Ratio
  10. Visual representation of all information


These services were not available to retailers at some point of time. The retailers were also not tech-savvy and would get the details from the manager or from his sub-ordinates at the end of the day or sometimes during the weekly review. But, this trend will not work well in the current retail market place. It is necessary for the retailer to have information in hand at any point in time.

360-degree View

With Relax POS retailing will never be a complex business anymore. Though it’s a competitive business, Relax POS


enables the retailers to be on top at any point in time.  With Bpartner Solutions BLive Mobile application, all the above said 10 things will be possible. BLive the simple, fast, accurate, on-demand, obligatory, secured mobile application is specially designed for Retail Owners.

The owners now can even take a week off from the regular work and still can have a complete
360-degree view of his business in his fingertips.

In simple words, the 360-Degree view gives a perfect essence of “The past”, “The Present”, “The Future” of the sales trend.

Retail Guru