Mobile POS software have become huge in the past few years and even will growing more in the future.

The hospitality sector is quickly catching up and thinking that Mobile POS software is a good investment to improve the workflow in the restaurant, boost customer satisfaction and also to increase the revenue. The reason being the stewards are being more available to the customers and providing a Dlite and best of the best service.

whats so special in DLite Mobile POS Software for restaurants ?

  • Simple, Easy and Intuitive Interface

  • Ability to take customer preference and choice of taste for each item

  • Secured with Login credentials for the Stewards

  • Faster access to tables on Floors & Rooms at ease

  • Adding more orders for a single KOT in multiple tables.

  • Adding new orders in same table for different Customers

  • Enhanced order history with complete information (Including choices and remarks)

  • Effective searching mechanism based on item, category and by words

  • Routing the KOT to Multiple print location

  • Easy customer management for giving offers and discounts

  • Most importantly a light weight application which can work across the cloud

Keep watching!

We will be bringing in the advantages of DLite Mobile POS Software in our next blog... Keep watching this space

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BPartner Solutions, RELAX POS software does that in a stylish way. It not only caters one retailers needs but also give lots of insights about their business and helps the customer to run the business and also increase the customer inflow in a successful way, which leads to maximize the profit.

BPartner solutions, RELAX POS supports lots of verticals like Super market, Hyper Market, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Electronics stores, Mobile stores, Fine dine restaurants.

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