It is an evident truth that the POS Software does bring in lot of value to the retailers. On the other hand you can say it’s a boon to every retailers.

Also, there is a case where the POS Software becomes bane when enough care is not taken care while selecting the retail POS Software.

No doubt, POS Software is being implemented in the stores to remove the pain points during the transaction. It is very important for the retailers to evaluate the software and also consider the following factors into account.

POS Software – Strategic Issues

  • Maintaining stock and keeping the shelf neat and clean is very important. It is not enough if you have control on the quality of the products but also on the quantity of product you have in the shelf. It is necessary for the retailer to maintain the stock based on the season and also on the customer’s behaviour
  • It is important to tag the customers into proper buckets and delight them with offers and make them feel comfortable whenever they come to shop in the store.
  • Tracking and closing a home delivery make things simple for the retailers to plan their resources. The faster the delivery happens the more the bouquets and will lead to more loyal customers to the store.
  • And Much much more. . .

POS Software – Subjective Issues

  • Learning curve for the billing operator should not be there at all. The operator should be able to bill the moment the software is installed with NO or limited training. The POS Software should not complex in nature rather it should be developed with billing operators in mind.
  • Not only the billing operators, the POS Software should be helping the customers also like enabling different Tender types ( Cash, card , Credit, Coupons, Vouchers, Gift Cards ….)
  • Most importantly, the POS Software should be enabling the retailers and the managers to have the look at the situation at any point of time. The POS software should have the capability to build surround systems like Reporting tool, POS Mobile apps like POS Sales trending, Ordering products through distributors to make profitable operations.

Bpartner Solution has designed the POS Software “Relax POS” to be Simple, Easy, Modern, Feature-rich and very intuitive which can give solutions to Strategic issues and also make things simple by handling the subjective issues.

BPartner Solutions, RELAX POS software does that in a stylish way. It not only caters one retailers needs but also give lots of insights about their business and helps the customer to run the business and also increase the customer inflow in a successful way, which leads to maximize the profit.

BPartner solutions, RELAX POS supports lots of verticals like Super market, Hyper Market, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Electronics stores, Mobile stores, Fine dine restaurants.

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