Price Level Add-on exclusively for Relax POS solution lets you to control the price management, customizes the selling trends and automates the pricing strategy with in Relax POS solutions.

RightPriceAs you all know that the pricing is very important when it comes to retail billing section and it is more important to keep your loyal customers, frequent buyers, bulk booking customers very happy. Pricing management will always result in the customer base not getting a hit.

The importance of setting the right price cannot be understated. When goods and services are priced too high, many customers will refuse to purchase them. Many times wrong pricing relegates itself as irrelevant to many potential customers.

The wrong pricing will led to losing of customers which will lead to wrong strategies. The following are the highlights of our Price Level Add-on.

Price Level

  • Set different prices for items
  • Default template for Price Levels
  • Customized Price level
  • Will be available on all screens wherever price /stock is updated
  • Applying instant price level during sales
  • Easy and intuitive user interface

The art of pricing refers to the ability to influence customer price acceptance, regulate pricing structure to shift the competitive playing field and align to the current market.

All these can be attained using the BPartner Solutions’ Relax POS application.

Retail Guru