We are not ready.Yes, we are GST Prepared! we are sure many questions would have come into your mind on how can BPartner Solutions is 100% prepared for GST dive. Here is how it is.

Starting from Sale, purchase, inventory Relas POS diligently tracks each and every transaction from day one and there was not even iota of information that was left out. In simple terms Relax POS captures the information of every financial transaction automatically.

Relax POS a one stop solution for all your retail needs and aspirations.

As of now there is no specific format, layout or design that has been released by the government till date. The most important aspect is that the application should have the ability to adapt to the regulatory attributes that are going to be enforced by the Government.

The moment the governance gets released the subsequent patch can be downloaded from Bpartner Solutions website and upon patch GST options will get automatically integrated.

Thats all, GST forms and annexures can be used for automatic upload like the current automatic VAT Uploads. Voila, our customers will be GST Prepared to0.

Yes, We reiterate that we are prepared for the GST Change, Are you ?

Retail Guru