BPartnet Solutions started relax POS by supporting the Supert Market, Department Stores and fancy stores till now. We have started with a clear vision of supporting theabove mentioned verticals as a start. Yes we were doing a good job and we are happy that customers have started using our solutions and being receptive we were able to give solutions to the customers for their NEED.

Now the time has come for supporting new verticals (More new verticals). Yes, We will be Supporting the following Verticals from the next release.



More Verticals – The Tight Fit

  • Footwear
  • Lifestyle and Fashion
  • Electrical Stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • Rice Mandy and Oil Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Retail
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In a retail , there are lot of things that needs to be taken care off for a single item. For example a simple retail store will keep their eyes on a Simple item (SKU) with parameters like bulk , repacking , Discounts etc. Whereas in some of the retails stores the single item (SKU) will have varied variations and styles to that needs to be tracked from starting to end.

It is very clear that inventory is the business of any retail store. Relax POS ensure that it can support the most common simple SKU to the most complex multi-level variation items at ease.

BPartner Solutions, Relax POS releases the most powerful inventory management system this time with an eye on faster sales which can server more customers and more money as a bottom line.

Retail Guru