Yes, its celebration time for Bpartner Solutions. We are proud to announce that we have 100% satisfied retailers and are proud that we have helped our customers to grow in their business without 24×7 support.

It’s not only that we have helped our customers to grow, but also we had enough time to do R&D and development without any customer calls on unwanted support on application malfunctions.

24x7It is because of the clear fact that Bpartner Solutions have followed a proper discovery mode, with good connect and with blemishless quality, smooth and easy methods of deploying solutions.

We were able to solve most of the queries at the very beginning and it avoided many mistakes and mix-ups, which will make the solution that we give to our customers is of top-quality always kept our customers satisfied and happy all the time.

So what happens when you do not follow or you overlook in discovery, connect and facilitate?

  1. Creating a product that that doesn’t suit the customer requirements, this will lead to repeated call / mails from the customer to the vendor.
  2. Instead of making the customer happy, one tends to create one un-happy customer. A possible Chain reaction happens at this time which will create more un-happy customers.
  3. Keep supporting only one customer to please him forgetting other customers
  4. Landing up in setting up a Huge Support centre which will grow more than the product development team

When we come across the above problems, we shift our focus from product development to support and start to boast, brag and claim about having the best support team and keep promoting about 24×7 support centre and it’s because of product quality and nothing else.

[cryout-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”100%”]If we start analysing the path that we have travelled and apply our thoughts on why the support centre was evolved, we will have more shocks and much more surprises. It would have happened ONLY because of the lack of Market Understanding, shortage in the knowledge of the industry itself and the product quality.[/cryout-pullquote]

Why support ?

When a vendor sells the product to the retailers by only keeping the support as a front-end and not able to sell the product based on the features, it clearly shows that the product doesn’t have enough ammunition and it is of bad quality.

Retailers should understand that the best support for a product will and must be the product itself. The reason being, the product should be robust enough to improve your business and also make sure that the product helps in growing in your business.

Retailers also must understand that the money that they spend on the support cost will be much more than the product cost. It looks like that retailer is supporting the vendors resource rather retailers can add extra resource to add value to their business.

Yes support is needed for clarifying the doubts; help in using the application and for occasional development in features and new modules that needs to be integrated. It should not be case where the issues that crops from the product stops the business and land up taking the retailers time in supporting the vendors rather than product supporting the retailers.

Retail guru