Bpartner Solutions can proudly say, It has the best and fastest method to activate a client after a client break down.

We always claim that we have the fastest installation and fastest billing system and it is getting proven day by day.

magicWandTwice last week there was a client break-down in two shops, As usual we got a call from the Shop owner. With in 5

[ Five ] minutes the client system was brought back to the stage where it was left and the billing started as usual.

After 2 hours the shop owner called us and said “the Hardware person never moved out of the shop” since it used to be a nightmare to do upgrade or re-install with other POS software.

Retail solution is not about giving technical jargon its about giving simple solution for the running business!

We stick to our promise. We give what the customer needs and we give it in a simple way.

As we always say “Relax POS ” is not your POS Software, Its your

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