Bpartner Solution is happy to announce that our “BLive” Mobile application is updated with a major feature and is available to all our customers.

AppLogoThe current trend in the mobile application is like download the app, use it once and forget about that or even delete them. When it comes to retail segment there are 1000s of app floating in the market and only very few are used on a regular basis and out of which only few will help the retail owner.

BLive’s New Feature

  • Ability to view sales of all your stores ( Multiple Stores ) with a simple touch.
  • Don’t  have to use your 10 fingers, all you need to use is your thumb finger to get your sales information in finger tips that too anywhere, anytime
  • Enhanced security

It is true that retail owners yet to make full use of mobile solutions and we are here to help you to grow up to the next level.

As said earlier, Gone are the days where technology companies create software to showcase their technical brilliance BP20_small2and give only technical solutions and forget to give solutions for the customers’ business problems.

We are living in the age of unbelievable customer power and for that we need to work for the customers and present them with the solution what they value. Here is one such power for our customers!

Write to us at sales@bpartner.in for more information

Retail Guru