If you own a retail store, you have to think about the data backup and realize the importance of the same. It can either be a Master data, inventory data, customer information, loyalty information or what so ever.There is nothing worse than having a server crash with no backup data to restore the samData Backupe. This is the one and only reason why you must think about the backup strategy of you POS application data.

It is very clear that you are and you will be making a great use of the data in your pos application to drive you business in sales, purchase, loyalty and customer management. It is clearly visible that the increase in data volume will be more in retail business as that too in stores where there are huge transactions. If the critical information is not available at the right time or available but with inaccurate values can lead to complete customer dissatisfaction. It is an unacceptable situation for any retailer.

For retail-organizations, data has to be secure and backup needs to be followed as a process rather than a routine day-to-day activity. Manual daily work on these important activities is time consuming, costlier and prone to errors due to fatigue.

Relax POS – Data Backup

We can forget our age old tape-based backup policy where human resources. Relax POS simple one touch backup configuration can backup and restore the data from a single administration point.

Benefits for Retailers

  • Uninterrupted business continuity
  • Super fast Backup and Restore of Data
  • Reliability in data storage
  • Simple & customized scheduling for automating backup process
  • No more Manual labors

Relax POS, the pos applications comes with a sales, purchase, printing and  Barcode solutions along with mission critical add-on tools like backup for greater efficiency and reliability for your business processes.

Retail Guru