Bill printing

Sample Bill Print

Bill printing, the most common phrase that one can hear during the POS software purchase or during the POS implementation(s).

Till today, the most important pre-requisite for any POS application is printing. If a Point of Sale application supports printing in it means that it crossed half the well. On the other hand, you cannot stop by just crossing half the well and there are more to it.

Knowing that receipt printer is necessary for all pos systems, one should know whether he wants to use a thermal printer, dot-matrix or impact printers. More to it, should also have to consider the automatic paper cutters, speed and resolution.

Bill Printing – why?

Customized Printing – Can develop a personal relationship with the customer by showing the loyalty points, offers and schemes make him a loyal customer

Trust – With a good bill print will give the retail customers a trust over the retail store

Ring-up Sales – A super fast printing will surely remove the queue in the counter which enables a fast checkout and customers need not have to wait for a long period of time just to get a print.

Relax POS comes with beautifully designed and lightning speed printing module that supports almost most of the printers that are in the market.  Apart from these benefits Relax POS comes with other benefits such as Easy billing, Multi language support, order processing and so on.  Try out Relax POS reducing the unnecessary cost

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