After a successful development , implementation and penetration by BPartner Solutions on SuperMarket  and other verticals of the same kind, we are proud to say that we have launched our new product D’Lite for Restaurant verticals.

D’Lite from BPartner Solution, a  TOUCH based Desktop Restaurant Management Software designed to give restaurants all the gears that is required to tackle and speed up the restaurant service and increase the efficiency of the restaurant operations.

D’Lite comes with complete customizable options and will be ideal for any kind of restaurant type including fine dine restaurants, Fast food Chains, Cafes, Bars, Bistros, QSRs and any kind of restaurant business. As we used to say, our solution is to simply the business not to complicate the same with products. Yes, D’Lite is developed with the following things mind

  • Helps the staffs to complete the tasks efficiently
  • Regular operations happens in a peaceful way
  • Easy to use
  • Accustom to any style of business and its needs
  • Completely Touch Based solution with Full KEYBOARD Support

D-LiteMoreover, D’Lite is a product that is developed just for restaurants and verticals that are off the same flavour and not a sub-product of other verticals. The master screens are designed such a way that it only deals only with food & Beverage verticals and is completely customizable according to the need of the business.


  • Table reservation managementDLite
  • Menu management
  • Item Notes and Modifiers
  • Manage Tickets
  • Inventory and Stock management
  • Third party integration
  • Check function for easy settlement
  • Adding discount according to the bill
  • Reward points
  • Item categorization
  • Tip Management

These are few of the features that are present in D’Lite product from BPartner solutions.

The most important aspect of D’Lite is

  • It is developed with complete understanding of Restaurant vertical
  • Usability is made such a way that it can be used on day one without any training

BPartner solutions, is very keen on giving solutions to the customer to the utmost satisfaction. The Touch based desktop solution with complete KEYBOARD Support will be sure shot delight to all the restaurant business owners. Moreover, the application is completely compatible with ATOM Processor also. In simple words,

[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]D’Lite[/cryout-button-color], a Light weight application loaded with complete functionality of Restaurant vertical.

Do mail use at for  getting more information about the product.

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