Do not risk losing customers should be running at the back of the mind of all retailers and software vendors. It’s a known fact that the retailers are afraid about losing their loyal customers. Retailers also know that it’s hard bring in new customers in less time and the software vendors are afraid about their customers are not taken over by other competitors in the market. On the other hand, No one wish to lose customers intentionally. If the retailers / vendors do that they will not be in business.

Losing customers completely depends on the following factors

a. Point of sale software the retailer use
b. Following best business practices
c. Understanding the customer and giving great and rich customer experience
d. Streamlined integration with legacy system

On the other hand, vendors are so perturbed about their retail customers too. Whenever there is a call from retailers the standard answer from pos vendors will be

  1. Product doesn’t have bugs, I think the way you use is different
  2. Please restart the system once
  3. Let me check once I get free…

Losing Customers - Dont worry

The above mentioned answers are few among hundreds of answer given by the vendors. On one thing the vendors fail miserably  They do not understand  the problem said by the retailer. The other thing is about the reluctant attitude to give alternative solution or to fix the problem completely. On top of it its very important that the vendors do not force the technology just for the sake. The vendors must use the technology to enhance the experience.

If a retailer calls and ask for support, saying that his bill printing is not working, the vendors might not understand the seriousness of the problem. The vendors will try to evade the problem or will ask for time to solve the issue. No retailers will wait if anything goes wrong with printing, scanning or while doing tender. On the other hand the retailers will surely understand if there is a problem / issue with the monthly reports or weekly product sale summary which can wait for a while before it is addressed.

To overcome this problem what is the need of the hour?

POS vendor’s (Support / Tech support / Email Support) should possess

  1. Complete knowledge on their own product
  2. Understand what customer says / wants
  3. Experience by being a retailer by visiting the customer place
  4. Have a clear plan on “After sale process”
  5. Be a business partner with the retailers rather than a software vendor / re-seller.

Retailers are ready to invest into solutions. It clearly means that the vendors should be with the retailers after the sale too.

It’s the time now for the retailers to look-in for simple, best and effective pos solution and grow with the world. It will surely make the retailer to achieve their goals in the business and be profitable with their respective business. The main aim of BPartner Solution is to help the customers to run the business in a relaxed mode and professional mode and not in a tension filled amateur way.

We are here to take care of you. Write to us or try our windows based POS application.

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