Real time alert does give the retail owners a comfort factor about their business. Bpartner Solutions comes up with iAlert that leverages mobile technology to provide information to retail owners, retail customer and prospects about their store operations to loyalty and promotions.

iAlertiAlerts helps the retailer to watch the business all times. It will help the retail owners to take immediate action against any action that could potentially affect the business. Even if a business owner is present in the store 24×7 it will be great to know the happenings of the store instantly. Moreover, if these happenings are treated properly it will make a significant difference in the day-to-day activities.

In simple words, it enables the store owner or manager to be always connected to the store activities when they are away.

Either a retail owner runs his shop for a week, month or a year or more, the retail owner will try to run the business successfully and manage profitably each and every day.    With iAlert, retailers can operate and manage the business with tight grip and control over the in-store operations and increase the focus on customer satisfaction at the real time.


  • Provides Instant intelligence
  • Analyze the data / transaction for insights
  • Custom configuration
  • Managing thresholds
  • Promotional schemes for customer
  • Customer Relationship (Greetings messages)
  • Direct Messages to customer
  • And much much much more . . . . .

iAlert specially designed for all the retail segments and it is completely integrated with Relax POS. if you believe your eyes and ears  all you have to do is add iAlert to the list which will make you be at all places by just relaxing in your table with a cuppa chai.

Retail Guru