Relax POS, a complete retail business management system that will help you gain control of your business. You can control your business from the counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office process and all the spaces in between.

Relax POS, a POS Software integrated with Sales, inventory tracking, Delivery management, Barcode processing, Session management and much more are built in. Relax POS is making sure that all retail functionalities are built in and bolted on. It is done with extreme care that all functional options are made available to you by just looking at the application.

With Relax POS, you can quickly and easily convert your PC into a Simple and intelligent Retail Management tool that will:

Gain Control of your Retail Business

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/4″]  Adjust the inventory levels in real-time when you make sales, purchase or orders [/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]Enhance the speed and accuracy at the terminals with quick sales, Credit card Processing, fast tender and Barcode scanning. [/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/4″] Improve the retail sales through intelligent customer management and inventory facts. [/mantra-column] [/mantra-multi]
[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/4″]Increase security [/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]Making the cash flow through inventory control & session management to 100% profitable[/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/4″] Ad-hoc Reports with finely crafted charts[/mantra-column]  [/mantra-multi]

Problems you might face

  • Sick of struggling inventory control – Not having stock or overloaded
  • Customers waiting for a long time in queue because of searching for prices and history
  • Not able to get the reports generated weekly , monthly  or daily and frustrated with cooking the data
  • Not able to take stock of your inventory by scanning
  • Not able to tally the cash at the end of the day
  • Not having a proper mechanism to make the bulk items to packed goods

Control your business

BPartner Solutions having more than 15 years of solving retail business pain with integrated Point of Sale and Inventory Management software applications.  Our Simple, fast, robust, intelligent retail software solutions are created with the needs of only Retail Business Owners in mind.

BPartner Solution always make sure that the retail processes are developed to make sure that it makes sense for businesses. It also follow the retail business pattern without affecting the owner’s routine job.

Relax POS, will surely make you feel relaxed and will give you complete insight about your business in days time and make you manage the business successfully and profitably.


Retail Guru