bestchoiceFor everyone Home is not a place, but it is a feeling. Same way, for retailers POS application is just a software but Relax POS is an Emotional feeling!

It gives real happiness when clients share their feedback with us and all the time they didn’t talk about our product
and its features but the feel they have when Relax POS being installed.

When we had a one-on-one discussion with our premium clients and wanted to know why they are emotionally attached to Relax POS and the reason being we wanted to give the same feeling for all the customers and also we wanted to improvise on the same as and when needed….

Emotional Feelings!

Reliable Application 

The entire retail chain should not suffer with non-accurate reports, invalid stocks and bad price management features.  The best part of the Relax POS solution is that, none of the customers have ever had a second thought about the result that have got from the reports or from the stock/sales ledger or from the daily collection statement.


A reliable application will give happiness to everyone, but when it is scalable it will give multi-fold happiness and joy for the retail chain owners. The solution  must scale to any size and Relax POS is currently running in small kirana shops to high-volume, high-transaction big retail chains!


Yes, Relax POS is currently integrated with many external tools, applications, API’s. The best part of the integration is that we didnt spend too much time in changing our code or structure. The API what we gave to other vendors did the handshake,

Cost Effective

The retail application should not make the retailer to work for 10 years to meet the profit after purchasing the application. The cost should retailer-friendly rather than vendor friendly!  We are effective in terms of cost and also rich in-terms of features!

Feature rich

We are not poor when it comes to feature! Its abundant and we are so happy that we have never said we dont have what you ask for to the clients. Moreover, we also don’t do things that are not-worth to be in the application. The reason being, the team behind Relax POS having complete knowledge of the Retail business also know about what exactly the customer wants.

Tailor Made

Its not that every customer would love to see the billing screen in the same way, one would love to see item , qty and rate and others might want to see more info. It’s not that we do change the code for every installation. Enough thought has gone into the development of application where customer feels that the application is personalized for them.


Either be the application, database, external tools we ensure that application stands out interms of technology and always be on par wth the latest trends.We are not worried about what will happen after a decade, since we have already started working on how our application should be at that time.

BPartner solution’s main motto is to give simple solution for complete business and to be a leader in POS retail solutions.  we always believe that, It is good to have tons of options & tons and tons of features on the other hand; if the retail solution doesn’t help the retailers in their daily business process then it will not be of any help and its equivalent to not having the solution itself.


Retail Guru