The first and foremost duty of a retail business owner is to have a look at POS  solutions with completely fresh mind. In the current retail business world, if any business owner google around on POS software, they will stumble upon innumerable links pointing to POS software development companies.

On top of it there are plenty of POS software development firms come and go every year. It is not only because these companies dont have enough manpower to manage the

Pos - Closer look

product, it might be because they dont have any domain experts in their firms.

The reason behind this is, the business needs are vast and it varies from customer to customer and business to business. It will be also a very difficult situation for the retail owners to find the best suitable software for their business needs.

The fundamental requirement of any POS software should do the following things

  • Adding products
  • Easily set properties for the products (Price fixing, Discounts, Tax Details, etc..)
  • Last but not the least, Billing and the payment module.

You will get all the three that were listed and nothing more in a simple POS software. Advanced Hi-fi POS softwares will be able to track inventory, pilferage management, Loyalty, Offers and so on.

What to look for ?

[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Ease of Use [/mantra-button-color] You must look for the POS that is easy enough to use. It should not be easy only for you but also for your staff members. Do you ever keep a person paid in your office, just to take the reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis with some extra support cost? The pos MUST  be most important tool you have, but surely not if it is really hard to use.


[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Flexibility[/mantra-button-color] You must ask this question many times before you start investing in your pos solution. Will the POS adapt to rapidly changing technologies and other services? The best new generation POS must have the technical flexibility built in. It will help the owners, users & shope managers to adjust themselves and will be a growth to the business. If this is not the case, you are just pinned to a corner of the room. As the business and technology changes your POS gets behind further and sometimes even more further.

What ever said and done, a POS software MUST be a simple  application or a stand alone machine giving solution to small businesses or can be part of a large enterprise suite with the scope to adapt to the new and evolving technologies.

The POS should help the business in increasing the revenue, reduce administrative problems and help the business to become a paperless business practice.

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