Retail Businesses moving to new regions in the world are often met with the problem of multi-lingual (Native Language). Many times, invoice includes more than just one language and combines printed information in English or in local languages. Sometimes, the users might want the menus to be displayed in their specific language.

The need for multilingual integration in business operation arises more often in retail segment. It is because the environment is more diverse in terms of languages used on a day-to-day basis.  It is absolutely fair that a retail shop is surrounded by different language speaking segment of public on a particular area.

It is necessary to get good reach over the public over the local language minorities. Retailers should definitely find ways to bridge gaps between the staff members and the habitual customers who speaks other languages.

Advantages of Native Language (Multi-Lingual Support)Native Language

  • Reach to Retail customers
  • Easy for the Delivery boys
  • Personal touch to the Retail Customers
  • Standardization
  • Hardware providers are adopting Unicode.
  • High performance printing: thermal printers support Unicode.
  • Easy for the billing operators who are comfortable with Native language
  • Faster operations

Finally, Multilingualism helps retailers to build better relations with time-crunched prospects that don’t have the will to carry a dictionary in their bag to decipher the product tag when they buy. Ethnical minorities who compelled to speak other language than their own in the day to day life return to place where they see their native dialect.

Relax POS is now supports native language. Install the application and get closer to your customers with a soft touch.

Retail Guru