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A fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software.  D’Lite is suitable for restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurants, delivery and other operations in food & Beverages sector. D’Lite is simple to use and reliable, which makes it a great system for your restaurant management process.

Most importantly D’Lite comes along with Recipe Management, a  key need for restaurant Vertical.

The following are the few key features of D’Lite POS.

Common FeaturesOwners can manage
  • Kitchen display System
  • Table Reservation System
  • Table Management
  • Standard Recipe management
  • Menu items
  • Inventory
  • Indent
  • New orders
  • Delivery
  • Table Reservation


Recipe management is a must-have module for restaurants to achieve dish consistency, monitor and control restaurant costs and successfully set menu prices.

We all know how fast-paced and busy restaurants get. Whether you’re a manager, executive chef or other member of the team, you have a lot on your plate during any given service.

As a manager, you need to greet guests and oversee both the front and back of house, to ensure that things are always running smoothly.\

Especially during a busy service. As a chef, you need to work quickly and efficiently to fulfil every order. Let’s not forget all the restaurant inventory management and prep work that needs to happen, to prepare the kitchen for future services.

Because upper-level restaurant staff is already stretched thin just to get their core work done, finding chunks of spare time for recipe management can be difficult.

But what if I say, Relax will help you easily create, organize, access standardized recipes. Make recipes with exact ingredient ratios and repeatable formulas down to the weight of a cup of flour, thanks to a database of ingredients and their saved data points.

This way each recipe can be made in the same way so customers can expect the same great taste from your menu, no matter how many times they’ve had the dish before.

Recipe Management – A Process

  • Recipe Ingredients Mapping
  • Production Plan
  • Issue of BOM (Bill Of Material)
  • Finished Goods
As a Restaurant owner or Manager, you have to Map the ingredients for a Recipe, then make a Production plan, Next Issue BOM (Bill Of Material) and finally provide the Finished Goods.
It’s no wonder Recipe Management is so often overlooked. There’s so much to account for in order to do it once, let alone factor in supplier price fluctuations.
With all of that in mind, Relax provides Recipe Management Module that’s designed to simplify your recipe costing.
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