Increase your margin – Deal with your Suppliers through the Price Confirmation

The Price Confirmation is the end of supplier negotiations.

At this point, you as the buyer, and the supplier as the vendor have agreed upon the price and delivery date for the purchase order you’ve sent.

You as a owner might have asked the products for lesser price, discounts, offer or reduce the price in any form.

To keep track of this, you can update the same in the price Confirmation module and verify during payment process. Isn’t it cool!

  • Control over your price

  • Keep your payment under control

  • Watch your supplier’s trend

  • Helps you in decision making

Increase your margin – Use PRICE CONFIRMATION Module

Assume that you placed a purchase order and confirmed a price  with your supplier and made amendments in the system.  The supplier will come to shop to collect money. However, its not possible for you to be always present in the store. The store manager / Purchase manager will handle the payments. However, you (the owner) may not want the staff to confirm a different price, or may want to set tolerances within which the confirmed price may lie.

Therefore, when the staff saves or publishes the purchase entry, Only upon Price Confirmation done by you as a owner will enable the purchase order to be closed and you can pay the supplier if the pricing is adhered.

If the confirmed price is not accepted by you (the owner) outstanding payments to the supplier cannot be made without Price Confirmation.
Without taking the time to confirm all your Purchase Orders, it is impossible to know whether or not a supplier actually received the order and is in the process of fulfilment. You can go through the purchase order process as many times as you need to in order to complete your purchasing requirements, but none of that matters without Price Confirmation.

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