Tally_BridgeThere are many retailers who are using Tally as their prime accounting software, the reason being their auditors are well-versed with tally and they love to get their imports from Tally application itself.

Now when the accounting information from POS needs to be ported to Tally surely one must need a bridge between the POS application and Tally. BPartner once again comes out with a simple, effective, super slim and fast tool called “Relax Tally Bridge”.

Relax Tally Bridge

  • Generates Tally Understandable Files
  • Get Ledger and transaction information
  • Export more than once on any given time
    • No Duplicats
    • No Errors

The Relax Tally bridge is a simple tool which will help the customer to make their life easy for giving their monthly account statements and maintaining the ledger in their preferred software.

BPartner Solutions, Yet another add-on for retail customers to keep their life easy. Contact BPartner Solutions for more information.