Its no more called as OFFLINE billing and we DO NOT  support it. Relax POS come out with the most sophisticated yet very simple uninterrupted billing service for the retailers.

UBS1Improving the standards is the one of the best method to be on top. Now the time has come to give the best of best solution for the retailers with this new feature Uninterrupted Billing Services


UBS, as a concept it’s very simple, you need not have to worry about having the server connection and yet continue your billing operation and keep the retail customers happy during their check out time.


So whats better in Uninterrupted Billing Service

  • Even if the client is not switched on for days, if started with no network connection, you can still have 100% live data
  • No more Worries on real time data – Billing Operator really need not worry about if he has got the latest item and rate information
  • While billing if the connection gets terminated, there is no need to re-enter the complete bill all you need to do is just continue billing
  • Absolutely no training required for the billing operators to keep worrying about synching the latest server information
  • No more worries on version mis-match
  • Simple, Fast, Quick
  • Faultless, Smooth and perfect billing experience during peak hours
  • Billing made simple
  • No need to worry if server is connected or not
  • No need to restart application if there is a connection outage
  • No need to worry about Download of Master Data
  • 100% sure of having live DATA from server

Moreover, the billing operator need not have to worry if he is really connected to server or not. During peak hours in the middle of billing if there is a network outage there will be chaos all over. During such time, the billing operator need not have to worry about billing at all, all he needs to do is just continue billing with NO intervention from unwanted popups and messages.

Yes,  UBS one of the important feature from Relax POS application is developed with complete thought of having the billing operator in mind and is live from the current release.

No more tension! No more fear of billing worries!  BPartner Solution is to help the customers to run the business in a relaxed , professional mode and not in a tension filled amateur way.

We are here to take care of you. Write to us or try our windows based POS application.

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