POS application is an evolving process. One can never say they have the perfect solution which can fit all retailers. On the other hand, RELAX POS application fits the need of most of the customer in its standard format and it’s not something amazing or astounding. The reason being it was developed by expert retailers and skillful and passionate technical team.

Relax POS has been developed over the years by collecting information from top-class retailers and maintained to stitch all the needs in the application in a very simple way. Adapting to new requirement is always challenging and the framework that has been created by RELAX POS does give the way to do any amount of customization. This framework gives an added advantage to give the application to be crafted for retailers that fits their unique requirement.

All retailers fall into 3 different category, they are
a. Who are in need the POS application
b. Who are in want the POS application
c. Who demands the POS application

RELAX POS has the ability to cater to the retailers who are in need of the application, who are in want of a sophisticated application and who demands features that are very unique and fits specific need of the customers who demands that.


The flexibility is one of the most important and also vital part of POS application. RELAX POS having the complete control with-in to adapt to any requirement of functionality that needs to be planned in future.

The expert team of BPartner Solutions have the capability to ask, listen, understand and finally deliver the solution with style which will be best suit for the retailers.

On the other hand, the features that are given to one retailer will be available for everyone and it will be a great gain for the retailers.

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BPartner Solutions, RELAX POS software does that in a stylish way. It not only caters one retailers needs but also give lots of insights about their business and helps the customer to run the business and also increase the customer inflow in a successful way, which leads to maximize the profit.

BPartner solutions, RELAX POS supports lots of verticals like Super market, Hyper Market, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Electronics stores, Mobile stores, Fine dine restaurants.

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