Possibility to Reality only through Pos Ability – RelaxPOS

The ability of the POS system is to convert the possibilities in business solution to reality success. If it fails to do the pos system can be considered as a Cash register and nothing more.


The main focus of any retail or hospitality business is to have a great POS system installed.  The reality is such that, the POS system should be able to process the transaction at lightning speed and tender cash. It should also have the ability to process the data to reliable information. This will help the  retail business owners to take possible decisions to improve the business. Simple isn’t! Infact all business owners only need simple solution to multiply their business.

Many of the retail owners / managers find that the reports generated from the POS system is invaluable. Moreover confusing on a day-to-day or on a long term management of the retail business. The reason being the pos solution is developed without proper understanding of the business or being shipped just showcase the count.

POS Ability  – Reality?

Ease of use Should have great user interface, easy to use. Should have ability to make the billing operator to start billing on the daya one.
Fast Check out Easy to use sales screen for fetching product information. Should possess a great search cap”ability” based on Name, Skew and so on.
Price Management Should provide variety of ways to keep track of pricing, including add-on amounts, percentage of cost, margin percentage and custom formulas. Should also have the facility to  set up multiple prices for each item.
Update Product information Auto update of sales, inventory, outstanding, loyalty details.
Sales Tracking Ability to track sales based on the different ways the business gets paid.For example most of the retailers support Credit system to gain the customer loyalty.
Security Tight control over cash receipts and theft.
Improved Efficiency Should allow the staff to tend to revenue generating tasks such as helping customers.  It must eliminate the need to double-check inventory disparities and cash register reconciliation.
Reality Improved efficiency leads to higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales.

In simple words POS ability is the only tool and weapon to convert possibility to reality in reatail business.  Try out BPartner Solution’s RelaxPOS a Next generation POS application to ease out the teething issues inRetail business.

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