For some of us or in-fact many of us, Barcode is nothing but a rectangular bars or a square bar with a weird and wonderful pattern that used in products, Tickets, receipts or even in some business cards.

Barcode has becomes a voluntary system in any kind of business.  Retailers use it for their pricing, inventory, order, stock taking systems. Barcode is becoming increasingly common for retailers in large, medium or small scale to use barcode for the products they sell and to find a method to uniquely identify a product based on their properties.

Why Barcode – iBarcode

No matter what business you are in, you will land up with inventory, raw materials, and finished products and so on. Using a iBarcode inventory system for your stock will efficiently accomplish the following things.

iBarcode – What can you  do?

  • You know what you have and you know where it is.
  • Up-to-date  reports about stock levels, usage and re-order
  • To make well-organized and easy cycle counts
  • Fast processing while checkout
  • Easy manage of customer Loyalty Cards
  • Single scan to get complete details about a product / product set

In today’s world having too little of information about inventory will lead to too big problems.  iBarcode from Bpartner solution is designed specially for retail segments. It is completely configurable with simple interface to solve tough situation problems. iBarcode make you so creative and it will  drive you to manage the business successfully and profitably. To be precise, iBarcode can get complete information about the product you sell or the product you want to manage with its finer detail to the maximum.

Even now, there are many retailers who are not using Barcode. Yes, the steps are going to take time, but the good news is that you will have a complete control over the inventory and high level of customer satisfaction during the check-out process. Don’t delay, Start now.

Yes, we do hear your voices that you want to get into iBarcode. Why wait! Mail us to and get your business up and running with BPartner solution’s Relax POS.

Retail Guru