OffersIt is easy for the retailer to understand if the customer is going spend money or not. If the customer has already decided to spend money, in your store it is the responsibility of the retailer to push them to spend more to increase the profits. An Extra push through POS software

[RelaxPOS] will be much easier for the retailers.

These push should be instantaneous and should make the customer to spend more at the time of purchase. To make this happen, there are many ways of doing this.

Extra Push through RelaxPOS

  • Train the Staff
  • Train yourself
  • Get to understand the customers immediately
  • Get to know the purchase trend
  • Last but not the Least Suggestive Selling

Yes, RelaxPOS offer management solution comes with the suggestive selling algorithm which makes the guests experience even better by suggesting them the products as per their needs… Like starting from “do you want to have a extra Soda bottle” to “These earrings will be getting along well with any of your dresses you have purchased”…

The suggestive selling always increases the customer satisfaction and the average spends of the customer. It not only increases spend, but also saves the effort and experiment new products along with gaining the customer satisfaction.

RelaxPOS, constantly getting updated with important and most-wanted features in the retail industry and offer management is one such feature which is now available in RelaxPOS.

Practically, the retailers can create infinite number offers and which will be affected during the check-out.

To know more on Offer management contact BPartner Solution or watch the more blog posts on this topic!