Retail, such a changing industry with heavy competition , retailers always requires right access and look for the right information at the right time. Moreover its not pertaining to one single store. Its for single store, its for more than one store where retailers look and act on changing information and increase the management decisions and implementing the same.

The software solution must tell the retailers what is bought, when , by whom and where and the reason behind the same. The retailers will grown only on the information that is fed in the system and not on guess work. Yes some time guess work play an important role and again the guesses are made based on the information available at the finger tips.

It is very evident that retailers have struggled and struggling to integrate the outlets with the Headquarters which includes the point of sale. It is not because of lack of solution, but lack of comprehensive solution which is not provided to the retailers.

Even now there are many retailers who work with excel and word document to transfer the content from one location to another location which includes a preparing agent, verifying agent and the import agent. The complexity of the work will lead to high cost and low productivity because of the broken process and will slow down the process of the complete business.

BPartner Solutions comes out with the Enterprise solution Relax COM [ Relax Centralized Outlet Management]. Relax COM is an Integrated point-of-sale and back-office application that exchange the information with Relax POS.

Relax COM has the ability to create new items, generate purchase orders, creating new items and setting pricing, discounts and inventory transfer from head office. It will also give the ability to the retailers to manage the price and control the inventory across multiple locations.

Relax COM, a simple and a packaged solution with Relax POS offers a low licensing cost which is feature rich and can be easily customized for small to large business retailers.

Real Life Implementation [Centralized Outlet Management]

Relax COM is a one click (literally) one click installer, which will be plugged into BPartner solutions Relax POS and doesn’t require any training to implement the solution. It can be configured by the retailer or by manager who is taking care of infrastructure.

Relax COM, first installation went on smooth and the data transfer across the outlets happened at the wink of an eye.

What can you do ?

  • View of outlets connected
  • Instant Notice when transfer happens
  • Works with LAN / WAN / VPN
  • Built-in configuration for connecting with outlets / Headquarters.
  • Transfer PO’s, Stocks from outlets … and much more…

Yes, the Enterprise edition is ready to use and will be upgraded with many many features very very soon.. Watch this space for more information …

Retail Guru