SolutionsRelax POS, a complete solution for the retailers, which is as simple as you want and very sophisticated as you need.

Relax POS is one of the most all-embracing retail management solution available in the market. It helps to increase the operational speed, improve the productivity and gain profit.

Relax POS – The solution for retailers

The most common thing a retailer will look into the software is divided into three parts and lets see how BPartner Solutions, Relax POS fits into each category.

  • Advantages
  • Competencies
  • Features

Advantages of Relax POS

  • Complete Enterprise solution, Feature rich POS which can manage Store operations, Back office operations with in depth reporting and analytics.
  • Powerful tailoring and customization options
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Proven Expertise and reliability on giving a total Retail management system for demanding customers.


  • Fastest Billing operation with easy checkout mechanism
  • Simple and easy integration with POS accessories.
  • Very Easy Promotion management
  • Customer Management for easy segmentation & target analysis
  • Best inventory tracking system
  • Robust Reporting tool
  • Simple and effective Purchase Order Management
  • Highly Secured
  • Lightning Fast to work with


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BPartner solution gives you the most sophisticated solution for the retailers. If you want to know more on what our retail solution can do for your business contact us at

Everyone must understand one thing , Shoes doesn’t come with one-size-fit-all, Neither the software should be. Relax POS a complete retail solution exactly will fit your needs with proper customization. Try your hands, Get benefited and be relaxed!

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