In continuation with the topic “You must know …”, here is another topic which haunts the retailers almost daily. After the survey, we have met 400+ retailers to get the feedback on how they are benefited with the help of POS solutions.

TagCloudAlmost many of the retailers are miles short on what they exactly need in a POS application and which is directly affecting their growth and efficiency.

The two most important things any retailer should have in their mind while selecting a POS Solution is

  1. Frivolous Countless – Not to focus on petty things, even though there are many
  2. Essential Few – Focus on few needed / important things and get that done without any delay.

We have seen retailers who implement POS solution doing “Frivolous countless” things as a priority and forgetting the “Essential Few”. This will surely lead to stoppage in productivity bringing down the efficiency. It is always good a retailers starts segregating things between what is really needed now and can run the business effectively VS. What is not needed at present?

If any retailer as this question before implementing POS solution, it will make them focussed and make them concentrate on Must to have feature implemented first and then to have “cool” and frivolous factors falling in place.  Here are few questions the retailers must ask the POS solution vendors.

Frivolous Countless Vs. Essential Few

When you start getting answers for the Essential few, automatically frivolous countless will start falling in place and the priority will be shifted.

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