InventoryManaging retail business is very simple, if you have the perfect POS Solution in hand. When it comes to managing retail business, retailers will ask for Multi company and Multi location tracking  and Centralized Outlet Management.

Relax POS, comes out with yet another feature this time for handling multiple Company and Multiple location for a retail business. Retailers commonly need POS solutions with advanced feature to suit their business needs.

What do they expect ?

  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Manage Multiple Companies / Location
  • Manage Warehouse, Distribution

What does Relax POS give ?

  • Support Multiple Company
  • Support Multiple Location
  • Assign employees to single location or to many
  • Run reports based on location / company
  • Separate financials by company / location
  • Lookup inventory across company / Location
  • Maintain inventory per location, transfer of inventory

The main aim of the retailers is to maintain proper inventory levels and never run out of fast moving items. The inventory management functionality gives a complete insight and help the retailers  to make sound inventory decisions.

On top if it, if the retailers are going to have multiple companies and locations, it is very important for them to handle the SKUS appropriately with respect to the companies and locations.

Relax POS, releases its new version with the feature of handling multiple company and location at ease. Try out Relax POS to enhance your business and increase your profit.

Retail Guru