Yes, BPartner Solutions have launched the Relax COM ( Centralized Outlet Management ) Solutions and been implemented in customer places successfully.

Centralized Outlet Management

Relax COM is a one click (literally) one click installer, which will be plugged into BPartner solutions Relax POS and doesn’t require any training to implement the solution. It can be configured by the retailer or by manager who is taking care of infrastructure.

Centralized Outlet Management – Bparnter Solutions Journey


Relax COM, first installation went on smooth and the data transfer across the outlets happened at the wink of an eye.



What can you do ?

  • View of outlets connected
  • Instant Notice when transfer happens
  • Works with LAN / WAN / VPN
  • Built-in configuration for connecting with outlets / Headquarters.
  • Transfer PO’s, Stocks from outlets … and much more…

Yes, the Enterprise edition is ready to use and will be upgraded with many many features very very soon.. Watch this space for more information …

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