Attract customers with pricing

  • Retailers who purchase products in big quantities are subject to wholesale pricing. The final selling price that retailers decide to charge customers is known as the retail price.
  • A major distinction between wholesale and retail is that wholesale buyers typically purchase their goods in bulk because it saves them money. Retailers sell individual units for personal consumption.

Unit of Measurement at a Glance

  • UOM is crucial to inventory management because it makes inventory items more quantifiable and easily understood by everyone.
  • UOM makes it simple to comprehend how much a company is purchasing or selling, what they must pay, and other information.
    Prices are always given in UOMs; for instance, RS.500 per kg, Rs. 200 per box, etc.
  • Without a clear unit of measurement in the order and quotes, it becomes challenging to communicate the precise quantity, which causes confusion.
  • Standardized units of measurement are also necessary to ensure that everyone who is concerned can agree on the quantity and overall cost

  • Multiple UOM

A unit of measurement (UOM) is the unit that any given item can be packaged into, or built into a product assembly. For example, you can package drinks in a single can, two-liter bottle, or other six-pack. Relax allows you to setup Multiple UOM like case, box, dozen, etc. for any items and their UOM can be mapped with the items.

It also allows you to set price for all the Multiple UOM that were created.  Thus, ensuring to sell your items in single units or multiple units as per the needs of the end users.

  • Multiple Whole Sale Pricing

wholesale price reflects the cost of an item when it’s sold in bulk to larger groups or distributors, as opposed to the price that a consumer might get.  The general rule of thumb is that your Wholesale Price should be 50% of the retail price to ensure you can still make a healthy return on investment.  

Relax makes sure that you gain a healthy profit with wholesale pricing. 

Multiple Wholesale Pricing allows you to set WS1, WS2, WS3 for your items.

Just map the items with Multiple UOM and Multiple Wholesale Pricing in the relax application and do the billing hassle free. 
Thus, it makes your business easier.
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