Scaling high with weighing scale

Relax POS is scaling high with the integration of weighing Scale. It is a very clear un-written rule that any product that is sold interms of weight must be sold in metric quantities (gms or kgs) and the price must be in kg.

It is very important that when a customer is buying fruits and vegetables they must know how much they are buying, Assuming that the prices are fixed per kg and that is how we are grown up all these days.

Integrating weighing scale will help the consumers avoid lines at the cash register by speeding up the payment process.  As a result of these faster, automated processes, weighing could be relocated to the fruit and vegetable department and can be handled separately.

So Whats the process?

    • Weighing fruits & Vegetables in front of customer
    • Marking the weight and packet
    • Stating the weight in the bill
    • Display the weight clearlyWeighing Scale


If anyone of the above mentioned process is not followed, the customer might feel uncomfortable and will get dissatisfaction with the retailer and might be one among the
non-loyal customer at the very early stage of his relationship with the shop.

What do retailers achieve by integrating Weighing Scale?

Customer Loyalty Either being a self service checkout or a Queue Checkout, the customer will know what he has take and how much has been charged. An immediate satisfaction can be seen on the face of the customer.
Profitability Retailers don’t have to lose even 10gms of your fruits or vegetables that they have bought from the market and customers also get “What they bought”.
Store Experience No longer queue to weight in one place and type the same in the software application. It’s just all seamlessly integrated. The customers have to do is Pick, Weight and get it Billed and no more hassle.
Competitiveness  The retailer will be happy if all the above fall in place at the right time. He can have loyal customers with profits and giving satisfaction to the customers and being competitive in the market.

Relax POS, now is integrated with Weighing scale machine and is compatible for all the Fruits and Vegetable Store. Why wait drops us a line, we will be a partner in your business solutions.