SpeedUnlimitedLightning Speed a buzz word everyone will hear while talking about the speed of the application / database performance. BPartner solutions were never involved in benchmarking its application till last week, since we felt that the application runs faster in most of the Desktop Computers / Laptops / Cash Registers.

Last week in one of our customer place, we planned for a migration routine from existing software to Relax POS. The customer was keen on knowing the performance comparison chart before and after migration. Now we were forced to benchmark the application, instead of taking only one software, we took 3 different software against Relax POS Solution.

Lightning Speed

Benchmark against 3 different POS Software (national and international applications). The comparison was done against the Fresh installation with 69,839 items. Relax POS solution being installed and migrated from data from other software and for the rest of the application, we have inserted 69+k items manually.

Moreover, Since the its fresh installation, we are not going to benchmark the Transaction saving part, as we want to do it after 3 months (After we get substantial data in the transaction tables).

Operation Description Relax POs Others
Item List a. List items while Billing
b. List items while doing purchase entry
c. List items during filter (Reports /Selection)
Tested with 69,839 items
Less than 10 Milli Seconds
(.1 Secs)
More than 2 Seconds,sometimes it took a long time to display the item list. (Average)
 Printing a. Printing from Bill Screen
b. Printing Reports
Tested with 400+ items and time taken to start printing once the transaction is saved.
 < .1 Secs  1 Sec (Average), sometimes made the other clients not-responding state.
 Save Transaction  Although we have customers who have large databases (1+GB), we didnt find any necessity till date. We will start the operations soon.b. Tested only on other POS Applications.
Tested with 400+ items in one transaction
 Not Available Avg: 2 SecsVaries from time to time (Not being consistent)

Once we shared the details to the customer, he just said “Lightning Speed Sir! “, thats the reason, we have titled this blog with his comments.

The Benchmarking exercise will start from the month of may 2014 and will be done in the same customer environment on different modules and will be published once it is completed. We don’t want to stop gaining experience, the continuous learning expertise is what keeping us in the expert group and will be a continuing this exercise process  to keep Relax POS on top of everything.

Relax POS, the retail solution will be coming up with more features and the next release is planned for the month end. To know about the features and the advantages mail to us at Retail Guru or visit us at Bpartner.in