There is always a situation where you have so many things in hand, yet not able to convince the customer with the solution  and It happens for everyone when someone lay their hands in retail pos solutions.

The only method is to give solution to the customer and also make sure that presenting the POS solution to the customer in the context of what they value. To achieve this one must develop the customer understanding skills.

Customer understanding is not rocket science, Its just that one must listen to the customer and act on the same. Particularly in retail industry the pos vendors must

  • Put themselves in the customers’ shoes
  • Asking feedback regularly
  • NOT asking feedback when you are not planning to do the changes
  • Learning from customers insight, experience, service

Retail Solutions

Understand customer from their point of view: We all will get really thrilled when we complete a product or software and most of the time we get really energized about our solution (assuming that they are unique) and will get into presentation, marketing and sales mode. It is not a good practice at all. We must ask the customers to share their goals, objectives, pain points and challenges before you present your solution to them. If you have better grip and understanding over the customer’s idea, it will be very simple to convey your solution which will easily become you are conveying “what the customer value”.

For instance, if a customer wants to eat curd rice in a Dhonnai (cups made of stitched leaves), if someone try to force a Three-Course-Meal

[In tamil you call it as Thala Vaazhai Virunthu  (Food served in a big plantain leaf with all kinds of dishes) ] it means that you are going in a wrong direction. It is good have tons of options & tons and tons of features on the other hand; if the retail solution doesn’t help the retailers in their daily business process then it will not be of any help and its equivalent to not having the solution itself.

If the retailers asks something specific, we should be in a position to give a solution what they really value.

BPartner solution’s main motto is to give simple solution for complete business and to be a leader in POS retail solutions.  If you need to improve your business with simple but effective solutions just don’t wait  contact us and we will help you.

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