Customer AppreciationHappiness can come from different sources like family and friends, but when you are in business customer appreciation alone will give abundance happiness. Today is one such great day for “BPartner Solution”, we got an appreciation from one of our first Customer “Thooli – The Kids Trove” Readymade Garment shop located at Vellore.

We were very happy to get such appreciation from our Business partners and will surely the quality will beat the retail business owners expectations.

It’s been a month since we have implemented our solution for “Thooli – The Kids Troove” . Today we got a message from the Young Entrepreneur Mr.ElanGovan Panchatcharam .


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“Great job Solomon Antony Raj Completed one month with BPartner Solutions application, there are 0 show-stopper issues. Great job Solo

Expecting rest of the features with such great quality!“


What more you expect from the business owners who are happy with the solution and most importantly getting connected with the vendors for improving the business needs.
“BPartner Solution” is destined to give 100% Quality product and WOW the customer by giving best experience with the POS application.

Thooli - The Kids Trove

Our sincere thanks to our first Readymade Garment Customer Thooli – The Kids trove . . . We promise to deliver our rest of our deliverable that makes you feel happy ever.